Dec. 11, 2015, 7:18 a.m. GMT

  (Severe) Controls and media elements should have labels  (4) [controlsWithoutLabel]
  (Warning) The web page should have the content's human language indicated in the markup  (5) [humanLangMissing]
  (Warning) Images should have a text alternative or presentational role  (4) [imagesWithoutAltText]
  (Warning) The purpose of each link should be clear from the link text  (21) [linkWithUnclearPurpose]
  (Warning) Text elements should have a reasonable contrast ratio  (105) [lowContrastElements]
  (Warning) Meaningful images should not be used in element backgrounds  (11) [elementsWithMeaningfulBackgroundImage]
  (Warning) The web page should have a title that describes topic or purpose  (6) [pageWithoutTitle]
  (Severe) Elements with ARIA roles must ensure required owned elements are present  (4) [requiredOwnedAriaRoleMissing]
  (Severe) This element has an unsupported ARIA attribute  (4) [unsupportedAriaAttribute]

Number of rules failed: 9
Error total: 164